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Newborn Session FAQ’s

Amanda Stewart specializes in newborn photography. Newborns are truly Amanda’s favorite subjects to photograph and her passion. Careful posing, thoughtful lighting, and years of experience make Amanda one of the best newborn photographers in Hampton Roadshampton roads newborn photography sessions. Newborn portraits


When should I schedule my newborn session?

It’s never too early to book your newborn session to ensure a spot with Amanda Stewart Photography as we only schedule a limited number of sessions each month to allow plenty of time and attention for each client. When a session is booked, we reserve an approximate time frame on the calendar that will be reserved for you with the actual date being selected once you deliver. Sessions are held Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 10:30am to 2:30pm. Limited Saturday sessions are also available upon request.

When is the best time to photograph my newborn?

The best time to photograph your newborn is while baby is between 4-14 days new, as baby is generally the sleepiest and most cooperative during these first two weeks of life. If your son will be circumcised before hand it is best to wait at least 6 days for healing and comfort. If for some reason your baby is unable to be photographed during this time frame, don’t worry, with the exception of possibly a few poses, we will still be able to capture many beautiful and special images of your baby.

What can I expect from my newborn session?

Newborn Sessions may last from 2-4 hours, leaving plenty of time for feedings, comforting and soothing. Feel free to bring a book, catch up on emails, texts or Facebook, take a nap or simply sit back and enjoy watching the session!

Do you provide any props for the session?

Absolutely everything needed for props and accessories is included.

Where are you located?

Newborn sessions will be held in our established Hampton Roads newborn photography studio located in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Are family photos included in the session?

A special part of a newborn session is devoted to capturing the priceless images of a father and a mother with their precious new son or daughter. Capturing images of siblings is a wonderful way to create a new bond between baby and big brother or sister. These images are some of Amanda’s favorite and are all included in the newborn session at no additional cost.

Why aren’t my images included in with the session fee?

The session itself is a huge time and cost investment on our part. Between corresponding with you, planning the session, buying props and supplies, studio cost, set up, the session itself, clean up, and many many loads of laundry, we have typically put in around 10 hours of work. The session fee compensates us for this time.

To set up your Hampton Roads newborn photography session with Amanda Stewart Photography, connect with Amanda at the CONTACT link above.